3D Scanner Part 2 – Wherein things begin to go wrong

So after spending most of the weekend re-writing and working on the code to extract the 3D models the hard-drive on my main PC gave out the clunk of death. Which kinda sucks. When I’ve got a free day I may have a go at recovering some stuff, but for now I’m going to cut my losses and start rewriting it from scratch. Now that I’ve got an idea what I’m doing it shouldn’t take to long.
For now here are some photos of the progress on the hardware side of the project.

WordPress lost all the info I entered into the gallery, and I can’t be bothered to re-enter it. So here’s a brief overview of what I’ve done.

  • Sprayed inside of scanner body black to reduce ambient light.
  • Mounted the unmodified laser line generator into the body.
  • Took out the laser line generator and split it into 2 separate modules (and built in current limiting resistors so they can operate at 5V) so I could build another scanner at some point (I’m thinking a room scanner would be kinda cool).
  • Wrote some Arduino code and built a circuit to control the stepper motor underneath the rotating platform (Code and schematics will be posted soon, both are incredibly simple).
  • Realised stepper motor sucks and I need a better one.

Getting pretty close to finishing now and next week I’m off for 2 weeks so hopefully things should be all wrapped up soon and I’ll be 3D scanning to my hearts content.

(Side note: For large datasets created with 3D scanners Meshlab looks like an awesome tool ,had a quick play around and despite some mild difficulty compiling it’s fairly straight forward to use.).


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