3D Scanner – Textured Models!

Here is the nodding monkey with his texture on.

Textured Monkey

Textured Monkey

As you can probably see the texture is not that detailed. Each of the small faces that make up the model is textured with only 4 pixels worth of information. I’m going to try and work out a way to get a more detailed texture using the images captured during the scan (there’s a hella lot of information being thrown away creating the texture…admittedly a lot of it is repeated info…but there’s definitely enough to get a way better texture).

Edit: Here’s an animated gif of the scanning process. The laser-line and lights should alternate every frame, but i couldn’t be bothered ordering the frames in the gif.

Edit 2: Mesh smoothed with Laplacian filter and a white balance performed on the texture. Some of the finer details of the scan are lost due to the filter, but it does provide nice smooth surfaces. The texture seems slightly twisted to one side for some reason.

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