Mini Guitar Amp

Decided to do some work on a project I haven’t touched in about a year. It’s a mini portable guitar amp, everything from the handle to the circuit is handmade.

The circuit is closely based around the example circuit in the LM386 datasheet. The volume control on the right also acts as an overdrive control when pushed past about half way (still need to find a decent knob/dial ). LM386’s have a pretty good sound when pushed into overdrive and are used in a bunch of commercial pocket amplifiers (probably most notably the smokey amp).

I’m probably going to rebuild the amp board at some point as it’s taken a bit of a beating being dragged between houses and there’s a couple of loose connections. Also may add a tone control if I can find some room on the faceplate. Will post a circuit diagram some point in the future.

Will probably have to get round to building a case for my deathtrap 50watt gainclone amp at some point soon.

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