Monthly Archives: June 2010

Some guitars

The ol’ blogs been sitting idle for a while due to work and moving house. But here is a quick picture of my 2 homemade guitars (well, one homemade 4 string slide electric guitar and one home-modified acoustic one.) and practice amp.

Going to build an optical pick-up for the slide guitar at some point, and will update blog with the build details.

3D Scanner – Software Overhaul

So I’ve been having a tinker with the 3D scanner again and I’ve got it working with my Cannon SX200 + a custom CHDK remote trigger script. This means the actual scan time is now about 3/4 of an hour and I only get about 2 scans per camera charge, but! (and this is a big but) I get glorious 12 mega-pixel resolution and awesome image quality.

This has meant I’ve had to have a rather massive overhaul of the model generating software to reduce memory usage, add more controls to the GUI, remove the OpenCV dependency, and generally make it more usable. It’s not finished yet, but here’s is a look at an early version of the new GUI:

Still need to beautify the layout a bit and write a considerable chunk of code. But it hopefully should be worth it.

As always the code is open source and available from the repository, but be warned the current committed version is massively broken, so if you want a working version checkout revision 2 (yeah, I know it’s probably terrible practice to break the main repo’s code, but what the hell, it’s not like anyone besides me is actually using this stuff).

CNC Machine – mini-update

Done a bit more on the ol’CNC machine this past week:

Nearly finished the z axis, just need to add a motor mount and construct the drill carriage.

Also here is a frog: