Monthly Archives: August 2010

3D Scanner Software – First Results

Heres one of the first results of the new and improved 3D scanner software:

Theres still plenty of bugs to iron out in the software, but when thats all done i’ll make an “offical” first release of the software which will be available here at the google code repo.
I’m going to try and get a number of different builds available as well (64bit GNU/Linux, 32bit GNU/Linux, and a Windows release).

Also here’s a quick look at the new portable 3D scanner being made:

Quick Update-3D Scanner mk2

Just a quick update to say the 3D scanner project is starting it’s second phase. Gonna throw up some photos of it in a bit. The google code repo is broken at the moment (hell its been broken for the past few months), but within the week a new cross-platform version of the software will be available.