Kinect & Qt

Impulsed bought a kinect and decided to write a Qt wrapper for it. A fork of the libfreenect git repo with the wrapper included is available here at my spangly new github repository (Not quite figured this whole git malarky out so it’s probably gonna get broken at some point).
Heres a screen shot of the output from the RGB and Depth cameras (note: depth has had it’s dynamic range reduced from 11 to 8bits).

2 responses to “Kinect & Qt

  1. So, have you thought of anything interesting to do with the kinect and a computer?

    • Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do much work with it recently, I have a plan to do some work with the Kinect OpenNI skeleton tracking libraries and the 3D scanner I’m working on which will allow you to use motion capture data from the kinect to animate scanned 3D models. It’s a bit of a long term project at the moment.

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