Monthly Archives: October 2011

Introducing undleBundle!

Tired of looking up the commands to compress/uncompress files via the command line in Ubuntu? Don’t know your -zcvf’s from your -zxvf’s? Then undleBundle may be just your cup of tea!
undleBundle is a python script which wraps a bunch of command line compression/decompressions tools together in simple interface with sensible defaults. Want to make a tar.gz? simple, just run:

bundle filename.txt

want to uncompress your file?

undle filename.tar.gz

want to select a specific compression type to use? (assuming you have the correct tools installed it currently supports tar.gz, rar, zip, tar and 7z, but adding new types is a breeze) Use the -t switch (only used in bundle, undle will automatically determine filetype for decompression)

bundle -t zip filename.txt

want to also select a new filename for the created file? Also simple!(see, a pattern is emerging) use the -f switch:

bundle -t zip -f filename.txt

And that’s it, that’s all there is to undleBundle.