Linear Delta Robot Inverse Kinematics Software Prototype

My previous post was showing off the initial OpenSCAD model of a liner delta robot project I’ve started. I’ve been interested in building a delta robot in some time but have been put off by the inverse kinematics, thinking it would be an absolute nightmare to figure out. Turns out it’s surprisingly simple for vertical linear delta robots and I’ve written a quick Python+PyGame GUI to work out the required Z positions for the 3 corners of the robot.

Liner Delta Robot Inverse Kinematics Software

The blue bars on the left show the required Z positions to reach the XY co-ordinate shown by the diagram in the center of the screen. The grey bar next to the individual Z positions shows the total Z height for the head of the delta robot. The dark grey crosses in the center region show the possible locations reached by the robot.
Setting the delta robots head XY position is done by clicking on a location. The Z height can be set by scrolling the mouse wheel.

For the time being I’m going to stick with pygame for the GUI components, I’m quite liking the minimal look. I may at a later date port it over to using QT.

Ultimately the goal is to use this software for testing the inverse kinematics model, as well as for debugging the delta robot during construction by implementing an interface to directly control the robot via USB. At a later date G-Code interpretation may be added.

This first version of the software is not in a fit state to release. Once I’ve cleaned up the code I’ll stick it up on GitHub under a GPL license.

One response to “Linear Delta Robot Inverse Kinematics Software Prototype

  1. Hi, can you post the inverse kinematics equations? Thanks!

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