Delta Robot Update

Since I’ve last posted I’ve been up to a number of things with the delta robot. To start with here’s a video of the robot drawing circles:

Since that video was recorded the control electronics have been rebuilt to use an stm32f4 discovery board. The extra processing power this board provided enabled the inverse kinematics to be run on the delta robot rather than on the computer. This smoothed out the movement of the robot and simplified the code to control it on the computer side. Hopefully this will eventually allow me to integrate it nicely into 3rd party 3D printer control programs.

Another area I’ve been playing with is using the delta robot to draw animations using light and long exposure photography. The following video shows the first test I did.

To achieve this a camera running chdk was triggered from the computer using an arduino to capture a long exposure image. As the image was being captured the robot plotted out a 3D shape with an LED attached to its end actuator.
The whole process was scripted using python and repeated multiple times to capture multiple frames.
All the images were then stitched into a single video using ffmpeg.

Here’s a more elaborate animation made using the above technique.


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