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Belated Report of Happenings

Been meaning to get the ol’ blog updated for a while but what with shooting to and fro between Manchester and London and the crappy Internet (spell check is bitchin at me to capitalize “Internet”, since when was it a proper noun? and more importantly when did i start giving a damn about spelling?) connection I’ve been getting i haven’t gotten around to it….TILL NOW!

3D Scanner
Done a little more work on the (soon to be OpenSource/Creative Commons) 3D Scanner project. Just need one final push to get the door done and add the nut fixings on the other side of the bolt holes and then it should be ready for sending the design off to the laser cutters and doing some actual physical building!

The odd looking bit sticking out the side is the camera mounting (I’m going to use a PS3 Eye). It’s on movable rails to allow for adjustments for the field of view of the camera (PS3 Eye has 2 settings), a concertina type cardboard/cloth covering is going to be between the camera housing and the main body of the scanner to prevent light entering.

Robot Arm
Got the robot arm working over Christmas, i even have a crappy phone video of it in action i’ve been meaning to upload but haven’t due to aforementioned Internet woes.
Next step will be a total strip down, clean, and rebuild. Looks like some of the actuators have gummed up a bit, and most of the joints are a bit on the creaky side. Will then start looking into some kind of (most probably arduino based) computer interface and then a set of libraries for inverse kinematics and the like (although ROS looks like a promising alternative to a custom library)

While home over Christmas and browsing through an awesome book my brother got me for Christmas (“507 Mechanical Movements”) I got inspired to try and make (another) clock using some odd mechanical assemblies.

The designs not finished, and it probably never will be due to a couple of flaws, but it was an interesting exercise and I’ll hopefully get around to working on a mark 2 at some point in the near future (probably once i’ve finished the 3D scanner).