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Bakewell Linear Delta Robot – First plots and speed tests

Another quick update to show some progress made this evening. I’ve plugged my inverse kinematics code into a quick and dirty motor controlling serial comms link to the Arduino and can now move the head of the delta robot to arbitrary XYZ coordinates. Here’s a video showing the plotting of slightly misshapen square (need some micro-switches to finished the calibration routine)

I should be able to get some more speed out of it by improving the Arduino comms link (it’s sending individual steps to the motors).

I’ll get around to doing a more descriptive post once I’ve got G-Code interpretation working (all the python code is done, just have to plug the bits together).

Bakewell Linear Delta Robot – First moves

Here’s a quick video showing the first movement of the robot:

The video is only short because one of the grips for the toothed belts worked loose and it ended up crashing, fortunately there was no damage. 

Linear Delta Robot – Partially Assembled and a Name

Laser cut parts and mechanical accessories have all arrived so without further ado here’s the first image of the linear delta robot as it currently stands.

Delta Robot

I’m very happy with how it turned out, managed to not make any massive errors in the design and it’s not fallen apart that much since being bolted together. I’ll post more info, the design files, plus a video once it’s started to move.

In other exciting yet totally redundant news I’ve settled on a name for it. It will be called *insert drumroll* the Bakewell Liner Delta Robot. I’ve settled on this name mainly as a homage to the Rostock delta robot from which i took a lot of inspiration.

I’ll be showing off the (hopefully) working robot at MakerFaireMCR on the 28th and 29th of July at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester.

CNC Machine – mini-update

Done a bit more on the ol’CNC machine this past week:

Nearly finished the z axis, just need to add a motor mount and construct the drill carriage.

Also here is a frog:

CNC Machine – Mini-Update

Not managed to get much more done on the CNC machine due to things beginning to go a little pear-shaped , but I’ve found my new favourite building material, Chopping boards.

Off to PlayEverything in Manchester this weekend, so I doubt much will get done till next week.

CNC Machine – Part 2

Been doing a little more work on my CNC machine, got a fair bit of the X axis finished. The MDF parts were designed using QCad then roughly cut out with a fret saw, will give them a better finish at some point, but for now all the important dimensions and angles are accurate.

The connection between the stepper motor and the threaded rod will be made using heat shrink tubing once I’ve bought some.

There is a slight disparity between the end of the threaded rod and the stepper motors spindle. I think this is due to the way the stepper motor is mounted, as the guide rails and threaded rod seem good and parallel. Hopefully this shouldn’t be too problematic.

Also I’ve started work on the Y axis, which I should get mostly finished tomorrow.

CNC Machine – Part 1.Something

Not really much to say about this.  Started some work on the CNC machine, here’s the Z axis bed and the start of the X axis.

The CNC machine is going to have a fixed gantry, with the cutting bed moving to provide the Z axis. All axis are going to use stepper motors and screw-threads to provide movement (the bed screw thread is not attached yet.) The cutting bed has 8 bearings running on stock steel square section to provide smooth movement.

So far things are looking good. Need to scavenge some thick MDF from somewhere to build the gantry and y axis, and need another stepper motor for the bed, may pop out this weekend for a spot of dumpster diving >:).