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Open3DScanner – ***Insert pun about cutting (final cut?, making the cut?,something mustard related?)***

Spent the weekend in St Neots visiting my friend Pete where we drank heavily and sellotaped mobile phones to kites (A blog post on that later). Took the day off on Monday and we both travelled down to London and did some laser cutting on a machine rented at blueprint model shop. Here are some photos of the cut parts:

Unassembled parts

Push Fit Assembled

Ps3 Eye Mounting

As kind of expected a bunch of stuff is slightly wrong with the parts, but nothing that can’t be easily fixed.

It’s bloody awesome seeing something I’ve spent so long designing on a computer in actual-real life. Alas there’s plenty of work left to do on the software and electronics side of things, but it’s nice to have made this milestone.

Polygon Image Compression

This is a pale imitation of an awesome algorithm i saw somewhere that i can’t find any more.
What it does is fill a number of images with 200 randomly sized and coloured 3 sided polygons. It then compares them all with the output image and selects the best matching 10. These are then mutated slightly and randomly combined together. This repeats a number of times. The final image is then an approximate of the input image, but made up from 3 sided polygons.

Well, that was the idea, but i’ve ran out of steam on this one. So far i’ve implemented most of the evolutionary algorithm, apart from mutating/crossing the colours each generation.

The plan was to extended this for encoding video and speed it up a bit (took a bout an hour to encode a single image), and also getting it to approximate the input image better.

Image Comparison

Original image and processed image side by side