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3D Scanner Mk 3 – More work in progress

Heres a picture of the latest version of the new 3D scanner design, the view is from the underside showing the gear train to the scanning platform (designed using extensive help from this website).

The gear ratio is 3 to 1 giving 600 steps per revolution from a standard 200 steps per revolution stepper motor, this will be a pretty big increase to the radial scanning resolution which has never been great in the previous versions of the scanner. There’s still plenty of work to do before the design can be sent to the laser cutters, but i’m managing to chip away at bits and pieces when i have free moments.
All the plans and 3D models are going to be stuck up on git hub at some point under a creative commons license, although i’m probably going to wait until the design is mostly finished before i do that.

Work in Progress

Here’s a quick picture of the latest iteration of my 3D scanner. I’m using caduntu and openscad for the designing.