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Robot Legs & New Projects

So here’s an oldish project I started when I first got my fret-saw, but never really got round to finishing. It’s half of a robotic leg system for a sort of crawling robot spider thing. The idea was to have 2 klann linkage ‘s (4 legs total) side by side at the front of a robot, and a caster wheel at the back. The pairs of legs at the front could then be independently controlled to provide turing.

I managed to get most of one set of legs built, but never got round to finishing them or starting the second pair. This was mainly due to the amount of time it took to cut the parts, and the speed at which the woodcutting blade on the fret-saw got blunt.

All the parts for this were designed on a CAD program then printed out on paper, stuck to a sheet of aluminium, then cut with the fret-saw. As fun as this was, it’d would’ve been a hell of a lot quicker to just send it off to a CNC place and have them cut it, but that seemed far to much like cheating to me. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably time to build my own mini-desktop CNC machine.

If you know me you’ve probably heard me rant incoherently, and more often than not drunkly, at least once about how I’m going build a CNC machine. Well this time it’s definitely going to happen, I’ve set the arbitrary dead line of my 22nd birthday (30th may, about a month away), I’ve ordered some bearings, and i’ve even done this!

So yeah, it’s got to happen I’ve written on something.